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 BYA Youth Mindful Leadership Program


-        This program is designed specifically to provide holistic mindful leadership training for young adults from 19 to 21 years of age.  Its objective is to embrace life, practice mindfulness, and learn mindful leadership skills through various seminars, workshops, and hand-on personal and group projects.  Through these activities, which help to bring out passion, confidence, leadership, and compassion, each individual shall be able to explore his or her potential and be prepared for entering the world.  As a result, it will help participants to improve concentration in school, physical flexibility, life-balancing and leadership skills as well as their communication and interaction skills with friends, families, and community.
PROGRAM LENGTH:  On going every Spring to Summer
-        During these months, all registered volunteer leaders will participate in one full Saturday/Sunday of various activities every month from 10am to 4pm with lunch provided.  You will also have the option to camp overnight for a whole weekend in a beautiful, cozy, fully equipped facility up at Harmony Pines Camp & Retreat Center.
 -        In addition, there will also be opportunities to sharpen your leadership skills through our Junior Camp Staff and Camp Staff Leader programs for BYA Summer Camps in July and also through the Mindful Philanthropy projects locally or internationally.  You will also be provided with peer support and mentoring throughout the program as well as with earning volunteer hours for college application or gaining experience for your future career. 
Guest Speakers:  Besides BYA spiritual advisors Thay Tu Luc, Thay Hang Truong, Thay Phap Dung, Thay Phap Hai, Sister Chau Yoder, we also are working with many other respectable Venerable and Dharma Teachers from Kim Son Monastery and Deer Park Monastery; as well as subject matter experts from SoCal Universities and Toastmaster.

Proposed Activities:  Fun and meaningful activities are to be incorporated throughout the program in various forms. 

-        Learning through team building exercises, workshops on stress management and peer pressure.
-        Self-exploration through mind body communication, meditation, and mindfulness practice.
-        Achieving physical well-being, flexibility towards changes and boosting diversity, tolerance and respect through hiking, outdoor adventures, nature walks, integral tai-chi, and yoga
-        Character building through educational games, life-skill training, cultural promotions with music, dance, singing, and special topic presentations
-        Practicing gratitude and authenticity by befriending the Earth through healthy green living and environmental sustainability projects
-        Leadership development through change agent projects, community service projects and fieldtrips
Parent Participation: We would like to invite all parents to participate in a mindfulness day on the same Saturdays with the teens at Harmony Pines.  Your assistance and volunteering at the camp are also greatly appreciated.

BYA Contact Info:  General Office Phone: 931-BYA-CAMP – Fax: 909-753-0359 – 

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- Thank you for your support and participation -