Mind-N-Me (M2 Junior)

MinD-N-ME (M2) Junior Program

is now open for registration




- BYA offers this program to create an environment for young teens ages 13 to 15 to come learn how to relax and relieve stress, stay focused on activity at hand and cope with anxiety and adversity through various mindfulness activities.. As a result, it will help the children to improve their concentration in school, their physical flexibility as well as their communication and interaction skills with friends and families.

- A mentorship will be offered as part of a Junior Leader-of-Self training in this program for interested students to earn their Mindfulness Merit Ribbons.

- Dharma lessons may also be offered as part of this program for interested students.

Schedule & Location:

- On 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, students will participate in activities from 2:30pm to 5pm at Bodhi Academy Afterschool Center: 8762 Garden Grove Blvd., Garden Grove, CA.

- On occasion, students will also participate in special field trips or camping at Harmony Pines Camp & Retreat Center in Wrightwood, CA.

- For the other Saturdays, students may volunteer to help with the Children's Program at the Academy to strengthen their practice and improve their leadship skills.

Proposed Activities:

Fun and meaningful activities are to be incorporated throughout the program in various forms.

- Fun and interactive games

- Character and Team-building activities

- Guided Meditation, Mindfulness Lessons, Music & Songs

- Arts & Craft, Community Giving, Environmental Awareness projects

- Fieldtrips to various places such as museum, science/ art center, cultural/meditation center

- Participation and/or performance in educational/cultural festivals, Dharma worshops, & spiritual events 

Program Staff: 

Mind and Me Junior (M2 Junior) is mindfully designed and run by BYA staff and a young team of caring and creative volunteers who deeply care about giving back to community by helping young teenagers to stay balanced between academic and social emotional development.

Internet Parental Control:

Please allow your children to access the internet with monitoring when needed for certain research projects, which will be informed by our staff.

Recommended Contribution/Donation:

- $40 a month for one child

- $30 a month for any additional siblings

Donation will be used for books, equipment, prizes, drink & snack, program fees and materials.

Parent Participation:

We would like to invite all parents to be involved with your children as an activity helper or participate in one of our volunteer positions. Your assistance and volunteering are greatly appreciated.

BYA Contact Info:

Program Director: Angela Vu at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 931-BYA-CAMP – Fax: 909-753-0359 – Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

- Thank you for your support and participation -


1.  Our program is open for rolling registration, i.e., you may register for your children participation at any time during the program.  However, the earlier they join, the better chance they have to earn enough point for prizes at the end of the program.  Please click here to register online to reserve a spot.  If we reach the maximum number, your children will be placed on a waiting list for participation.

2. Download the Youth Member Application and complete all fields with as much detail information as possible, then print out a copy to sign and date the application.  Send the signed application along with any program donation (monthly, quarterly, or annually) payable to BYA at: 8762 Garden Grove Blvd. Suite 102, Garden Grove, CA 92844.

3. You may also bring the completed paper application to the first day of your children's participation or fill out an application on-site.