Walkathon 2010


Compassion Water Walkathon

November 14, 2010

9am - 3pm

UCI Aldrich Park



Bodhi Youth of America and Compassion Service Society

proudly present our

Compassion Water Walkathon 2010


The Compassion Water Walkathon is aimed to raise awareness about the drinking water crisis in developing countries and to raise funds to bring safe drinking water to rural communities of Haiti, Vietnam, and many other developing countries. Our co-host, CSS, has been pursuing a long-term Compassion Water Project to purchase water-filtered system to bring safe drinking water to many developing countries. Their proven experience of the past years in this area will ensure that the fund raised will be spent wisely.








Online registration for the Walkathon 2010 is no longer available. 

Please join us and register on site at 9AM on Sunday, November 14 at UCI Aldrich Park. 

We welcome all of your friends and families coming to cheer your good cause and enjoy our event at the Walk for Compassion Water! 

Free admission for all cheering fans! Hope to see you on Sunday! 

During times of economic turmoil and environmental distress, millions worldwide are plagued with grief and hopelessness. We are so caught up in busy lives that we often forget to enjoy the finer things in life, like wholesome family bonding and all the beauty of humanity. Bodhi Youth of America and Compassionate Service Society cordially invite you, your family and friends to join our Compassion Water Walkathon 2010 with a theme "Safe Water, Save Lives," to provide our community with a chance to do just that: to strengthen family bonds, to reach out to the less fortunate, and to open the hearts of the world.




Lots of fun activities, games, raffle tickets, competitions for children, youth, and families.


Let's Step It Up for A Great Charity Cause!


 Þ It always feels good to give to charity. It feels even better when what you give is your time and energy.

Þ When you join our walkathon, everyone wins. You get exercise, have fun, meet new people,

bond with family and friends, and help our cause to raise much-needed funds.


Þ When you take part, you don't just raise funds for this wonderful cause.

You also build aerobic endurance, cut your risks for heart disease and lose weight.


Þ If you get bored with your regular walking routine, join our walk team for an extra push to

keep on going from preparing for our special joyful walkathon.