Bodhi Projects

In implementation of our "MBA" holistic training module,

i.e. Mind - Body - Action. 

The Action part is mindfully implemented through our

charity compassion projects,

environmental awareness projects,

and cultural promotion projects.


  • Charity Compassion Projects are projects that bring compassion and assistance directly to less fortunate people in need.  All of these projects are lead and organized by our youth members as an opportunity for them to apply things they have been training in the Mind and Body module programs.  Here are some examples of the projects we have done:
    • Hug-A-Thon for Children's Hope 2008 & 2009
    • O.C. Homeless & Foster Children Gift Drive
    • Fundraising Auction for Haiti Earthquake Relief
    • Winter Season Cookings for Homeless
    • Trail Maintenance at Casper Wilderness Park
    • Weeding at Bolsa Chica Wetland
    • O.C. Food Bank Preparation
  • Environmental Awareness Projects are special projects that create opportunity for the youth to raise awareness about global warming and environmental protection to their families and communities.  Here are some projects we have done:
    • Spring Festival 2009 for Earth Day
    • Kitchen Composting
    • i-Recycle
  • Cultural Promotion Projects are occasion projects that help the youth to touch their roots and learn about the wonderful customs of many cultural diversities in the U.S. and the world. These projects helps to open their mind and heart to enjoy the best of our society has to offer.
    • Moon Festival
    • Budda's Birthday Celebration
    • Rose Mother's Day