Camp Job Opportunities

why work at camp?

Some of the best reasons to be a camp staff may surprise you. Sure, working with kids is itself rewarding, and spending the summer outdoors is enticing, but have you ever considered that working at summer camp is actually good for your health and your career?

If you are a college student considering a career in athletics, sports management, coaching, teaching, dance, theater, fine arts, child development, child psychology, education, or people management, summer camp provides a practical, meaningful experience to build your resume.

work to make a difference

As a specialty counselor at summer camp, you will have the opportunity to apprentice under outstanding professionals in your area. Our camp staff is a collective energy pool of colllege and high school teachers, exhibiting artists, experienced wellness instructors, child development experts, and accomplished professionals in all fields. You will learn leadership, teaching and coaching techniques through training sessions and day-to-day applications working with children in your chosen field. With plenty of time to practice your own skills, you may even pick up a few pointers along the way. You will develop invaluable lifelong networking contacts with the leaders and future leaders (dedicated camp counselors just like you) in your field.

work to build a resume

Wellness and other specialty counselors will build a semester's worth of teaching hours in only a few weeks. Some colleges even offer internship credit for student summer jobs.

General camp counselors, often interested in the fields of child development, teaching, business, and management have the chance to gain practical experience working and living with kids. You also are provided with ongoing leadership opportunities and the chance to work your way up through the "management" ranks to become head counselor, group leader, and program leader, where you will be responsible for the supervision and training of other staff members. Our week-long training session focuses on supervision, teaching techniques, problem-solving and more. Real-world management experience for your resume!

Other field leaders appreciate the skills necessary to be a successful camp counselor – ability to communicate with respect and minfulness, openness to new experiences and relationship building with a diverse group of people. These are all vital to a successful career:

Teamwork • Creativity • Leadership • Respect • Dedicated Work Ethic • Communication • New Experiences • Relationship Building • Conflict Resolution • Public Speaking • Planning & Organizing • Problem Solving • Role Modeling • Decision Making