Camper Testimonials

Our campers are the heart and soul of our summer programs.
And each summer, we hear the most wonderful words of happiness and appreciation from their experiences.
Read below for these beautiful messages and more! 


I would tell my friends and others about BYA Camp that “Amazingest camp ever!” 
– KhueTu N.

"The highlights of my camp experience were meeting new people, bonding with these newly met friends, learning about meditation and tai-chi as a way to relax the body, and playing games as teams."
– Mickey H.

"I liked the rock-climbing. It made me overcome my obstacle and fear of heights." 
– Mylan M.

"I learned to take things slowly and breathe. Learning to breathe was very important. Everyone knows how to breathe, obviously, but not everyone knows how to control it. By breathing, we learn how to take things slowly and we start to slow time down. We start to realize what's really important and what can wait."
– Diana H.

"The highlights of my camp activities were the hikes, going out to the lake, morning meditations and tai chi exercises, being visited by revered Buddhist masters, and best of all the last night of camp where everyone gathered in a mindful circle game :)"
– Monique L.

"The practice I take away from the camp was that I began to use the idea of the peace of mind bottle for meditation" 
– Hieu T. 

"BYA Camp was very memorable and that every second was worth it.  It makes you appreciate life more and helps you sort out what's really important, like food, family, and friends." 
– Gina N. 

"It's a great experience that truly helps one realize how wonderful life is, and how it can not only make you feel extraordinary during moments, but for a lifetime."
– Tina T. 

I would tell my friends and others about BYA Camp that “IT’S LIFE CHANGING!
– Hieu N.

"The highlights of my camp experience were everything, particularly the team competitions. They were both fun outdoor activities and very challenging! :-) Thay's motivational talk at the lake gave me a brand new outlook on my life and I was able to realistically understand myself as an individual and leader as well as my passion."
– Stephanie L.

"I enjoyed the food, all girls movie night session with Jacqueline, morning tai chi, and campsite. I took away the taichi, sitting practice, mindfulness, and getting to know more people. I would say this is an opportunity for young people of any background to learn about mindfulness and practice it with others."
– Carina L.

"I really loved meeting new people. Each and every single person was unique and different, it was great. I'm glad that BYA had a diversity of people from different places."
– Tina H.

"I would tell my friends that IT’S ONE OF THE BEST CAMPS EVER!!!"
– Kevin P.

"The children enjoyed music, drama, art and crafts sessions. The entire time at camp, the children were always cheery and smiling. All campers ate delicious vegetarian food during their stay. Tai chi and relaxing meditation took place each morning and the campers were taught about compassion, mindfulness and awareness. After five days of being with each other, campers felt like BYA camp was their second family, a home away from home."
- Tiffany D.

"The Guy's Night Out was loads of fun, just the guys making jokes and running skits with outdoor food; also, the Journey to the West challenge was a ton of fun and really highlighted teamwork!"
- Nima M.

 "It was one of the most memorable experiences because everyone was able to be best buddies at the end of just 5 days. It was made possible because every single one of us definitely learned something about each other, about our world, and finally, about ourselves. It was such an inspirational five days and I can safely guarantee a beautiful experience. Furthermore, I love the fact that our camp friends are still so close and still raving about their experience together on Facebook. It goes to show how special our camp was!"
– Bina T.

"I learned to be more mindful about what I am eating. I'd tell them that the BYA summer camp is really fun, and you learn lots of things to help you in life."
– Johanna D.

"BYA camp is full of fun activities in an open, supporting and nonjudgmental environment. great way to meet new people and bond over a course of 5 days.  The idea of Mindfulness was a big concept I walked away with from the camp." 
–  Tiffany T.

"I would first and foremost say that this camp is more unique than any other camp that is present and that attending this one would be the opportunity of a lifetime."
– Vincent H.

Essays about the Camp Experience:

 Doubt! by Brendan Vuong

The BYA camp to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much from this because I was expecting unappetizing vegetarian food and early morning stretching and breathing.  In addition, because the camp activities on the agenda were unappealing except for a few activities. In addition, I thought we were going to have to sleep in some dirty cabins. Then after the first day of camp, I had fallen in love with the whole experience and the compassion from the people around. Read more...


The most influential experience that I won’t ever forget…. by Monique Lee

This camp and the entire experience granted me with self-worth. I became a person that can make an impression on others all while knowing that I am worthy. I know now that I will one day be that exceptional person to that special someone and be worth everything to them, because I am. I will no longer be the quiet girl in the library. But I’ll be that girl who sits in the library with that person who will give me a lifelong friendship that I deserve. Read more...