BYA Camp Facility will be reopened this summer 2022! We have made lots of improvements to our facility during the pandemic downtime.  Please come and check us out again for your needs.

Retreat Activities

Dear Friends and Community:

Are you feeling tired or overwhelmed with too much work and worrisome on a daily basis? 
Do you feel that your life is unbalanced and constantly in catching up mode?
This year, we would like to invite you and your family to come to 
at our beautiful Harmony Pines Camp & Retreat Center
nestled over 6,000 feet up in the giant pines of the Mountain High area,
which is just 35 minutes from San Bernadino area; and 1.5 hours from the Los Angeles basin and Orange County,
To deepen your practice,
To learn new techniques to reduce stress,
To volunteer for the youth,
To just enjoy nature!
Throughout the year, we will also offer special retreats, meditation seminars, leadership workshops, and mindfulness conferences hosted by BYA or co-hosted with other organizations.
Please check back here often for more updated information.