Issue 1: Mar 2009

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Issue 2: Haiti International Charity Trip Report

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Synergy Links:

BYA is working closely with many other organizations and communities to synergize and strengthen our resources to bring about creative programs, strong foundation, and diverse capabilities in helping our youth live happily and grow holistically.

BYA is honored to receive direct support from the following organizations:

Compassion Service Society for certified integral tai-chi instructors and meditation lessons

Deer Park Monastery for mindfulness trainings and dharma lessons

+ Soi Nang Sangha for co-hosting retreats and mindfulness days

BYA would like to express our deepest appreciation to the following organizations and communities:

Volunteer Match for referring many valuable volunteers to us

+ La Boi and OI communities for your concrete support and encouragement

+ Officemax, 2D Imaging, Advanced Cosmetic Clinic for facility and printing support

 Friendly links:

Wake Up Blog

GDPT (Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association)

LKPY (an international peace organization for young people)

Sakya Care Foundation